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Rezoning is the process of changing the zone that applies to a property or parcel of land.

To apply a new zone, the Strathcona and Garneau Area Redevelopment Plans are proposed to be amended.

The land areas along Whyte Avenue and east of 106 Street are currently zoned (CB2) General Business Zone which allow the opportunity for a range of retail, commercial and office uses and the land areas west of 106 Street and north of 81 Avenue are zoned (DC2) Site Specific Development Control Provision.

  • Learn more about the CB2 Zoning Bylaw here and the DC2 Site Specific Development Control Provision here.

Direct Development Control Provisions Zones (DC1) are used when a proposed development cannot be accommodated under any existing standard zone or where special development regulations are desired. A draft copy of Southpark’s (DC1) can be accessed here and the proposed rezoning map is available here.

Copies of the plan amendments can be accessed below:

For more information on the rezoning process and the current plans in effect for these sites, please visit the Resources page.