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Why use a DC1 zone on this site?

A DC1 (Direct Development Control Provision) allows the four areas that make up the Southpark site to be developed cohesively. The regulations determined by this zone will take into consideration the unique factors of Southpark and the vision for the area as a whole.

How can added density improve the neighbourhood?

The future Southpark development will include additional high density housing options. This added density will support the existing and new commercial developments on Whyte Avenue, as well as providing 24-hour safety and walkability for residents and visitors of the area. Increasing residential density is often critical to the success of mixed-use districts, as seen in the thriving districts of Yaletown in Vancouver and the Distillery District in Toronto. These areas are known for their combination of intriguing historical architecture and relevant modern developments.

I don’t see a building design, why not?

This project is currently at the rezoning stage. This stage consists of crafting a zone that will be the framework for future development on the applied sites and the related consultation and approval processes. The particulars of building design and other physical details will be determined at the future Development Permit stage, which will consist of further consultation.

My neighbour received a notification letter, why didn’t I?

Letters are sent out to homeowners within a radius of 200 metres, so if you did not receive a notification letter your property may not be within this radius. As a resident of the neighbourhood, we value your opinion; please see the Public Consultation page for more information on how to get involved and be heard. If you are the homeowner of a property within 200 metres of the development and did not receive a letter please use the Contact page to let us know of this issue.